New Endowed Fund to Support Diversity in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech is pleased to announce the establishment of the “Barbara Ryder Fund for Diversity in Computer Science.”  This new endowed fund honors the outstanding personal efforts and culture-changing example of Dr. Barbara Ryder, J. Byron Maupin Professor of Engineering, who served as CS Department Head from 2008 to 2015.  Initial seed funding for the fund comes from the prize accompanying the department’s recent National Center for Women and Information Technology Extension Services Transformation (NCWIT NEXT) award, which was given in recognition of progress and continuing commitment to increase the participation of women in computing.  Under Dr. Ryder’s leadership the department’s focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty increased significantly.  By establishing this fund, the department is committing to a sustained emphasis on diversity.  Income from the Ryder Fund will support an exciting range of activities and programs for years to come.

To donate to the Barbara Ryder Fund for Diversity in Computer Science, please visit our Giving to CS@VT page.



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