Alumni doing well

VT CS alumni are all over, doing all kinds of interesting things. It’s fun to hear from some of them from time to time. For example, I ran into Caitlin Kelleher (BS, 1998) at a conference this summer. She has just finished her PhD at CMU where she was one of the major contributors to the <a href=’’>Alice</a> project. Her dissertation work focused on better ways to introduce middle school girls to programming. This <a href=’’>BusinessWeek article</a> contains a nice summary of what Caitlin has been up to.

Another VT CS graduate who is doing well in graduate school is Megan Olsen (BS, 2005). Megan was recently awarded a prestigious <a href=’’>scholarship</a> from the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology and Google Inc. She is working in the area of biologically inspired computation at the University of Massachusetts

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