We’ve been posting on again and (mostly) off again thoughts to this blog for almost eight years. The original motivation was to hilight the dynamic, varied, fastening field that is computer science. In 2006 we were in the depths of a bizarre enrollment drop-off among US CS departments, including ours. People were deciding not to study CS for truly bogus reasons. So we spent a lot of time trying to dispel myths and give an idea of the very cool things that you can do in CS.

Well … that problem seems be solved. At least in part. CS undergraduate enrollments are back up. Interest in the field is very high. Employment opportunities continue to be great. We still need to do a better job of attracting a set of students that is as diverse and representative as the world is. But there is some progress on that front as well.

CS@VT is gradually doing a better job of presenting our story to the outside world as well. As part of that process, we will be transitioning this blog to be more focused on department news, with potentially more contributors. Watch for some stylistic and editorial changes soon. I hope you’ll keep reading!

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