A busy fall in Blacksburg

Not much blogging going on here lately. But there has been all kinds of interesting stuff going on in CS@VT over the last few months: another amazing job fair season in September, with once again, more companies than graduating seniors; visits from interesting speakers like Peter Lee from Microsoft Research, who has done lots of interesting things in a distinguished career, including being the brainchild of the interesting DARPA Network Challenge; a steady stream of good publicity about jobs in CS (like this article in CNNMoney.com on the best jobs in America — I think I counted 14 of the top 40 that were in the computing field) and about the high ranking that employers give our department and college (see the Wall Street Journal online article). And now we’re getting ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the CS Department. Here’s hoping many of you alums will make it back to check out the exciting place that CS@VT is today.

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