Denis Gracanin’s work with the Center for Autism Research

Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research experts will host a one-day seminar March 4 in Falls Church, Virginia, for scientists, professionals, educators, students, and health-care providers in the field of autism, and individuals with autism and/or their family members to learn about new insights in the disorder that affects more than 3 million Americans.

This marks the second time that Virginia Tech has hosted a public seminar in the National Capital Region focusing on novel autism research and other information about its autism center. The first seminar was held in 2014, the same year the U.S. Centers for Disease Control released startling new data on the growing prevalence of autism: That one in 68 children has some form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a 123 percent increase during the last decade.

Virginia Tech researchers will provide additional insight into new research involving autism.

Speakers include Julee Farley, research coordinator, John Richey, assistant professor, and Jillian Shillaber, assessment coordinator, all with the Department of Psychology; Luke Achenie, professor of chemical engineering, and Denis Gracanin, associate professor of the Department of Computer Science, both with the Virginia Tech College of Engineering; and Amy Azano, assistant professor with the School of Education, Carolyn Shivers, assistant professor of human development, and Anisa Zvonkovic, head of the Department on Human Development, all with the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.


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Dr. Gracanin
Dr. Gracanin