Virginia Tech High School Programming Contest

The 2nd Annual Virginia Tech High School Programming Contest took place Dec 5, 2015. Over 58 teams from 15 high schools across the Commonwealth participated in this online contest.  The opening note was held via WebEx videoconference, followed by a short practice and a 4-hour online contest held in the style of the ACM ICPC competition with teams of three competitors. Students were asked to solve 8 programming problems of varying difficulty – including simple problems such as how to count the vote in an election to more challenging problems involving probabilities.  Teams submitted a total of 527 attempts, with 134 successful submissions.  56 out of 58 teams solved at least one problem. The top 3 teams all came from Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, solving 7, 6, and 6 problems, respectively.  Congratulations go to the winning team of Mihir Patel, Jerry Huang, and Franklyn Wang, coached by Ms. Nicole Kim!

The contest was organized by Dr. Godmar Back and volunteers from the Virginia Tech ACM Programming Team, who helped with logistics, tested problems, and helped with judging.  We would also like to acknowledge the numerous on-site coaches and CS teachers at high schools who supervised the teams who participated.

We thank stack@cs for support with providing prizes to contestants.

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