SEEC 4th Semi-Annual Symposium

SEEC Symposium

Research in Democratizing Parallel and Distributed Computing

In keeping with the goal of the SEEC Center to democratize parallel and distributed computing, staff and students will present overviews of their research in the fourth semi-annual SEEC Research Symposium to be held January 15, 2016 in 3100 Torgersen Hall.

This is an all day workshop. Any one is welcome to attend the workshop in its entirety, or individual research presentations according to interest by individualized interest in the research presented. An agenda will be added to, prior to the workshop.

The SEEC Center, established July 2014, is an interdisciplinary and integrative center that spans 20 different departments and institutes across Virginia Tech. The center “SEECs” to combine the strengths of research, education, and infrastructure at Virginia Tech, along with social, business, and research opportunities in society to leverage the power of computers for the good of mankind.

For more information concerning the SEEC Center, see or, if you would like to be notified when the agenda is released, please email Missy Thomas @

We look forward to your attendance,

SEEC Faculty/Staff