VT is #1

OK. Not in football, unfortunately. We can dream though, right? This #1 ranking comes from Aviation Week & Space Technology, which ranked Virginia Tech first for industry workforce recruiting based on an annual survey of companies in the aerospace and defense industries. Chris Hall, Department Head of Aerospace & Ocean Engineering at VT, graciously pointed out that although aerospace engineering departments are the most obvious producer of graduates for this particular sector, ‘the aviation and defense industries recruit from all College of Engineering programs.’ Boy is that true. We have several very active members of our industrial affiliates board who come from this sector. And if you read the details of the report from Aviation Week (pdf), you will see some interesting numbers. For example, the survey responders plan to hire 192 aerospace engineers in 2010, 325 ‘computer hardware engineers’, and 1722 ‘computer software engineers.’ The salary data reported for software engineers is very competitive as well. Just another example of the many and varied opportunities open to computer scientists.

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