Chris Hurt – Two Initial Ideas

Both of my ideas use the “liveness” theme and focus on computer science education.

1. Competitive Programming Web App

This application will teach people the fundamentals of programming, including function calls, parameters, and variable usage. Multiple users will connect to a “room,” and will be shown an environment containing an avatar and several objects and obstacles (see featured image). Users will need to input commands to control their avatar to achieve certain goals. A “host” computer will show the screens of all users as they compete, and a points system can be used to reward those who finish first. The project is intended for young people (elementary school) in a classroom setting.

2. Collaborative Programming Environment

In my opinion, one of the most under-taught aspects of computer science is collaborative development. This application will provide a series of complex computer science problems, and multiple participates will need to divide up the work to solve each puzzle. Users will be rewarded based on the correctness of their solutions and how well they split up the work. This project should help not only to strengthen collaborative development principles, but also help users develop logical reasoning skills in computer science.