Pioned – A Game of Exploration

Video games aren’t like what they used to be. Many games these days are astronomically expensive, some running for $60 or more. Even if you can afford the game you want, you’ll need to make a lot of space on your computer or upgrade your storage, as it’s not uncommon for a modern game to occupy 50+ gigabytes of hard drive space. Additionally, while some novice gamers can get past these intimidations, they often find little instruction on how to play or improve at the game, as developers assume players are veterans to its genre.

We’ve heard your cries about these issues and responded with the release of Pioned! Pioned is an online browser game for exploration and creativity. Players can gather resources, build structures, and connect with others like other open-world multiplayer games, but without the hassle of installation or confusing game mechanics. New and old players alike, everyone will enjoy the simple, yet exciting nature of Pioned, a lighthearted game of infinite possibilities and endless fun.

You’ll start off surrounded by land, water, trees, flowers, and other natural elements. All of it is yours to build, destroy, explore, sightsee, and whatever else you desire! If there’s anything that makes Pioned a great game, it’s the ambiguous goals it offers to you. Alongside your personal intentions with the game are a series of completable objectives. These encourage discovery of new lands and player interactivity, deepening the game’s playability. After completing each objective, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. These rewards will aid your ability to make new things, meet new friends, and better achieve your goals.

No experience playing Pioned is the same! The map is randomly generated, with new places to explore and make your mark on with every new one. Everyone will be assigned a random name, allowing you to identify others’ characters while remaining anonymous. Player interaction is simple and seamless. You can communicate with other players using the built-in text chat, making collaboration hassle-free. Every new player you meet offers a live presence that immerses you in Pioned’s social environment.

You’ll never feel upset playing Pioned. The game is designed to circumvent the monetary costs, bloatedness, and steep learning curve of many modern video games, all while offering a rich, natural environment to explore, create, and interact with at your will. We’re very excited to release our game as a finished product and offer the world of Pioned to all who want to be part of it, and we hope to see you there!


Play Pioned now: http://tiny.cc/pioned

Visit our GitHub page: https://github.com/christopherhurt/pioned