Project Title: MusiCanvas


Team: Will Briffa, Tyler Kurowski, Danielle R. Richard, Esha R. Thomare

Our project is MusiCanvas, an application with the goal of creating music from a user’s drawing. In the application the user is presented with basic drawing tools, similar to those present in a basic art program like Microsoft Paint, including different brushes, color selection, and brush opacity. Once the user creates a drawing that they are pleased with and have linked the colors to instruments, our algorithm will translate the user’s drawing, and generate a piece of music from the colors on the canvas. With the goal of making this algorithm as user-customizable as possible, we allow the user to change different parameters of the music generation. Examples include color to instrument mapping and in which direction the colors on the canvas are read. The instruments the users can choose and customize their sounds with come from both actual and virtual instruments that were sampled at the same pitch. 

Once the user is finished with their drawing, they have the choice of uploading it to the gallery. Art in the gallery can be viewed by anyone and users viewing the gallery can import other drawings. All users will be able to view other user’s images and their respective musical creations. This collaborative aspect encourages other users to experiment with the added features.

In conclusion, the MusiCanvas application strives to make drawings more interactive by bringing them to life with music. It’s main goal is to bring fun and more enjoyment to the everyday drawing experience.