Project Title:


Team: Judd C. Babbitt, Nebiyu Elias, Kai Schneider

Our project is an intuitive, interactive, live application that intends to simulate a real deck of cards. We introduce an open stage for users to come and be able to play any game they choose. With the liveness of this app, we are able to continue to give users the connection to their peers that they can’t get right now during a global pandemic. The difference between our app and any other card game app is that you can really play whatever game you would want, all with multiplayer capabilities. This mitigates the hassle of having to gather all your friends to switch onto the same website for every game you play, and worrying about multiplayer support on top of that. 

Adding a Deck, Shuffling, Resetting are made easy with our website as we have every button on the top left that is needed for a card game. You can add up to 5 different deck of cards and shuffle all of them with the click of a button. We have a general guideline of where the card drop zone may be, but it is totally up to the user to follow that, and they can really play wherever they want. With the addition of a player count and custom cursors on the top right of the website, the connection to your friends is really emphasized. Hop on now and play with your friends!