Project Title: DrillTime

URL: https://vibrant-swartz-0f8e1f.netlify.app/my-app/public/index.html

Team: Chung Choi, Daniel Saunders Cox, Chris Lee, Deanna M. Meyer

It’s Drilltime! Create and share marching routines with other marchers, drum majors, band directors, and drill sergeants.

For Band Directors

  • Easily save your entire drill composition as plaintext to send to all of your students and fellow instructors.
  • No installation necessary! Just load the website and get designing.
  • No loading bulky software or renewing licenses.
  • During rehearsal breaks, your students can review the drill to stay on top of the day’s goals.

For Students

  • Quickly load the drill into the drill editor to reference a set you’re learning.
  • DrillTime makes it easy to study your drill on your own; you know where everyone else is, even if they’re not there with you.
  • Textbooks are increasingly going digital. Your drill charts should too!

Easy to Use

The intuitive design allows for easily draggable performers to make designs however the creator envisions it. 

Easy to Share

The save feature will allow the user to copy plaintext to share and save for later for others to load back into the program state.

Easy to Learn

An instructional video is provided on the website’s help feature to guide new users to effectively learn, share, and create marching drills.