Dadaism Creator


Project Title: Dadaism Creator


Team: Zihao Cai, Yuqing Liu, Boren Zhu

Dadaism was a literary movement that emerged in Zurich during the First World War. Opposition to war and solidified thinking were the ideas that the Dadaist artists wanted to express. Generally speaking, the first impact of Dadaist works on the viewer is chaos and aggression. Through this expression, the artists wanted to awaken people to the idea of resistance against nationalism and centralism. This artistic genre received huge responses a century ago and influenced a number of later literary genres, including Surrealism and the Radicals.

On our website, we have created a platform where users can collaborate to create Dadaist works. Users will create the Dadaist collages collaboratively with traditional oil paintings as public backgrounds. The website provides several ongoing canvases at the same time with different classic painting backgrounds for users to choose their own preference project to work on.

By creating collages on Dadaism Creator, our goal is to make more people acquaint and get in touch with Dadaism, to stimulate users’ interest in art creation and further exploration to more Dadaist works and the stories in their back.