AvA Mobile Measurements – Privacy Policy

Lead Developer: Demetrius Davis, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Date Posted: November 12, 2022

The AvA Mobile Measurements app conducts various cellular (LTE) network performance tests for research purposes only. Per Google Play Store policy for internal testing, deployment of the AvA mobile app will be limited to less than 100 users.

What Data is Collected

Passive RF measurement data is captured using standard Android API function calls. Active measurements are conducting using Measurement Lab’s NDT7 Android (Java) client. In addition to network performance data, cell site identification data and the mobile device’s geographic location data are also collected. The app provides the user with controls to turn data collection on and off.

Crowdsourced location data and network performance measurements are collected by the Android device and temporarily archived for analysis by the AvA research team. All data collected from study participants will be deleted upon completion of the study.

How Data is Used

Data collected by AvA mobile clients will be used for AvA research and data analysis only.

How Data is Protected

Crowdsourced AvA data is stored in a database hosted on a secure server. Only AvA research team members will have physical and remote access to the AvA server and data repository.