Long Time, No Post…

It’s been a long, LONG while since my last post and I have a very simple explanation: I’ve been busy! Since my last post back in Sept/Oct, quite a lot has transpired. I’m currently plowing towards the end of my spring semester course, CS 6204 Network Science, and working feverishly on my research paper that is due in the final week.

By “feverishly”, of course I’m implying “feverish” relative to my part-time student status. That statement, in essence, underlies why I likely will never update this blog as frequently as I would like. I am raising two active young boys while holding down a “day job” supporting various mobility and IoT initiatives in the defense community.

As time permits, I do hope to provide an update on my ongoing research efforts. The quick-and-dirty version is that I’ve moved away from mobile crowdsensing and am now working in the cyber deception space with a strong emphasis on modeling and evaluating defensive deception techniques using game theory (yes, I said game theory). A good deal of the literature research is done and I’m now building the experiment as ideas and details materialize and get written into the draft paper. Good thing that what used to be Jedi-level dev chops are still good enough to get the job done. My transition from Java + Eclipse (albeit a decade or so ago) to Python + Jupyter Notebook has gone fairly well thus far, if I may say so.

Stay tuned for my next post — I promise to get into the weeds of my research!