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Quick bio: I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science while working as a Principal Systems Engineer at MITRE and supporting multiple 5G/IoT security and standards-based initiatives for both DoD and DHS. If interested, you can learn more about my professional endeavors at my LinkedIn page. On the academic front, I currently hold two Computer Science Degrees — a M.S. from RPI and a B.S. from Lincoln University.

Research: Currently researching under Prof. Shaddi Hasan in the area of on-demand network access techniques over mobile communications networks.

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Simply put, on-demand network access is a scenario in which users are not restricted to a single network operator —  mobile users can connect to any available cellular network. My current research focus explores how to optimize both user experience and operational efficiencies in an environment that abounds with comparable mobile network options. In practice, switching network operators (e.g., mobile roaming) requires a series of performance-degrading steps that would result in undesirable service disruptions. I am investigating advanced cell (re-)selection techniques, among others, to enhance the technical and economic viability of a broad on-demand network access deployment.

Via ongoing literature research and publications, I will further refine my dissertation topic in preparation for my Preliminary Research Proposal and Defense. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, ideas or comments about my research or related work.

Motivation: As a single father of four, I can attest to how personal and professional aspirations often get rerouted if not indefinitely deferred. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to pursue my independent research with financial support from my company (MITRE) and emotional support from my family.

*The latest research updates and details on publications and presentations can be found HERE.