Star Compose

Star compose is a creativity support tool that provides musicians a workbench to compose ambient music. Our tool provides a way to design a night sky filled with constellations, and play audio based on the user’s artwork.

[Sky in play mode; Twinkling Stars Black Sky between 7pm-7am]

The user is first presented with an empty sky, which varies in appearance based on the time day. Clicking the menu button will display a list of available constellations. If the user shares their location, the constellations will be filtered based on those that can be seen from the user’s location at that current time. Otherwise, all 88 known constellations will be available. Users will be able to create their own night sky by placing constellations on the screen and customizing it by moving, rotating, and scaling each constellation. 

Once the user is finished creating their custom sky, the run button will move a bar across the screen, and audio will be played when the bar intersects with a constellation. 

Stars will play the high melody part, and connections will play low and soft bass parts. The notes are randomized but constrained to harmonically pleasing combinations within the major scale. There are also effects and a simplified minor scale that play depending on the time of day.

[Welcome pop-up describing how to use the website]

[Sky in edit mode]

[Sky in play mode; Clouds Moving in Light Blue Sky between 7am-1pm]

[Sky in play mode; Clouds Moving in Purple Sky between 1pm-7pm]

Team: Ashley Nguyen, Dawson Naccarato, Griffin Knock, Jason Davidoff