Coding competition from the movie the Social Network

CodingBattle is a fun, competitive website to learn in your favorite language. Think LeetCode, but head to head! Our interactive gameplay interface will help you feel the heat of competition and engage your desire to learn through gamification. Whether you are preparing for a tech interview or looking to play a fun social game, CodingBattle will help make you a stronger programmer.

Take a look at the interface!

You and an opponent will compete to solve a programming challenge the fastest. Your coding windows are side by side, allowing you to feel the pressure as you see your opponent typing out their solution. Make sure to use the blur button to throw off any pesky code copying strategies! This button will hide your coding window from your opponent for a limited time. You can see your progress when you run your code in the convenient console output window. Just watch out for those hidden test cases! Feel free to use the chat box to engage with your opponent. And make sure to keep an eye on their progress bar – you wouldn’t want them getting ahead. Start playing today and have a blast while enhancing your coding skills!

Team: Huayu Liang, Ryan Furuness, Sai Heart Han Hseng, Wenlong Hua