Awards and Fellowships

US Department of State, US Speaker and Specialist Grant, International Information Programs Office, invited plenary panel speaker, International Telecommunications Society Regional European Conference, Ponteverde, Spain (July 20-22, 2005) $2935.  II Program “engages distinguished Americans for important speaker programs requested by US embassies abroad.”

Fulbright Research Fellowship, 1992. “The Social Control of Information Technology in North Africa,” Field research (5 months) in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria. (Original award for nine months, including Kuwait, was limited to five months due to Gulf War).

American Institute of Maghribi Studies, 1990. Field Research Grant for “A Resource Dependence Model of Telecommunications Decision-Making in North Africa,” (short term travel award), Tunisia.

Cunningham Doctoral Fellowship, VT, 1988-89, a “prestigious, competitive assistantship awarded to outstanding VT graduate students who are nominated by their departments, based on academic record and outstanding potential.” Award confers stipend and full tuition.

American Institute of Maghribi Studies, 1987. Dissertation field research (short term travel award): North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia).

Foreign Language and Areas Studies (FLAS) Graduate Fellowship, US Department of Education, Title VI: “a competitive graduate fellowship for foreign language and area studies based on academic record and potential,” University of Pennsylvania, 1983-85 (Farsi/Persian & Middle East Studies). Award confers stipend and full tuition.