The Efficacy of Coding Exercises in the Classroom

During my academic life, I have had the opportunity to be both a student instructed on computer science subjects, and an instructor facilitating classes on such subjects. My experience allows me to critique some pedagogical approaches that are currently practiced in the computer science community. Here, I would like to address the feasibility of incorporating […]

Thoughts on School, Authority, and Memorization

As part of my class readings, I listened to Seth Godin’s TedEx Talk about “What is school for?”. In his talk, Godin emphasizes on the view that schools are “factories” that manufacture workers for the industry. He gives examples on how the current system, being heavily based on memorization and instilling obedience into the students’ […]

The Teaching Voice Within Me

Spring 2022 is the semester I achieved a life-long dream of mine. It is the first semester I am selected to be a class instructor. I am now 100% responsible for leading a machine learning capstone class of 18 students. My efforts over the years have finally paid off and lead me to this thrilling […]