Splicify is an interactive game experience that is based on a listener’s Spotify profile. Their top 5 albums are spliced into one image and the user will have to guess the artist’s name based on the cover. To help the player out, there will be hints to help guess the artist’s name. The hints include the song name, the album name, and a short snippet of the song. The overall experience allows for an interesting way to get to know a user’s own music taste while challenging their knowledge of their favorite songs.

The structure of the app is a welcome screen with an example of the art to expect and a description of the purpose. The user will click on the Go button and will sign into their Spotify profile. After they are logged in, the app redirects to the guessing game where the user will have three tries to guess each artist. The user can then see their results at the end of the game and will have a chance to share the Splicify art.

Team: Tyler Esposo, Catherine Lee, Josh Protacio, Lily Thai

Git Repository: https://github.com/joshp28/splicify