Music Around The World

Have you ever wanted to travel across the world without buying a plane ticket? With our children’s game, Music Around the World, you can discover regions of the world virtually! Want to learn more about Peru in South America? Take a flight to Peru in our game with a simple click of your mouse! Once you’re there, collect a clave, an instrument commonly used in Peruvian music, by playing a short quiz game that’ll help you learn more about Peru’s culture and music! That’s not all! You can also use the clave that you’ve collected to create your own music!

Music Around the World allows you to become a global citizen right from the comforts of your home! Fly to 5 continents and walk around 10 different regions across the world! Try and collect all the instruments by traveling to each region and completing trivia questions. By completing the trivia questions, you’ll learn new fun cultural and musical facts about the different regions! Once you have collected some (or all) instruments, you will be able to create a symphony using the instruments you have collected! Try it out and become a conductor of your own orchestra!

To develop this project, we primarily used Unity 2D, which is written in C#. For the musical component of our game, we used FMOD and Ableton. For code collaboration, we used Git. 

Team: Saakshi Naveen, Hennah Nazari, Nikita Patel, Jakob Schaming

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