Don’t know what to play with new friends to get acquainted with? Don’t know what mini-games to play before dinner? Our project is designed to solve these worries. This is a four-player online draw-and-guess game. However, unlike the existing draw-and-guess games on the market, it has higher playability and more complex game rules.

Our game will divide players into two different teams, one is named civilian, and the other is named a traitor. Now let’s talk about the rules of the game. At the beginning, a picture is divided into four equal parts and distributed to four players at random, all of whom do not know what the original picture is. Here comes the interesting part, the previously mentioned teams, civilians and traitors, will have different tasks in this session. Civilians need to draw the part they get as much as possible. Traitors, on the other hand, need to mislead the good guys as much as possible to keep the civilians from guessing what the original drawing is, which means they need to draw something different from the original drawing, but not too obvious. Why can’t it be too obvious? Because this is a scoring game. If you guess the picture correctly, you will score points from it. At the end of the guess the picture session, there will be a guess at the traitors’ session. If all the civilians point out the traitors, then points will be deducted from the traitors. After playing all rounds of the game, the scoreboard will show how many points each player gets.

Please go to the link for downloading: https://github.com/JwSoar/DrawTeen

Team: Jiajun Zhu, Jianchi Wei, Yannong Li, Zhiyu Wan