DoodlLab is a multiplayer theme-based drawing game for people of all ages. The goal is to have fun making a creative & collaborative piece of artwork as well as a story to go along with it. Each player will get the chance to add their own drawing to the shared canvas, with the possibility of being voted MVP artist. While not drawing, other players will work on the shared story. The collaborative aspect of our game allows players to be more creative than they’d ever be on their own.

How to play: At the start of the game, players will choose an overall theme for the round. There are 4 different, comprehensive themes, including a true random theme for added craziness! Each person will take turns either playing as an artist or as a storyteller. Artists will receive a random word based on the theme and draw on a shared canvas that updates in real time. They will have a multitude of color shades and tools to create something they are pleased with. While the artist is drawing, fellow players will work as storytellers to write about what’s going on. Storytellers will also have the chance to rate the artist’s drawing, so the fancier, the better! After the drawer is finished, all members get to vote on their favorite entries. The most popular one then gets added to the overall story. At the end of the game, all players will have the option to save the special writings and drawings the team came up with. 

Create silly pictures and even sillier stories, in DoodlLab!

Team: Emily Adams, Marty Hanapole, Jacob Neigh, Michael Pigeon

Code Repository:


There once was a ladle. He was SCOOPING OUT THE INSIDES OF INNOCENT TOMATOES AND MAKING THEIR BRETHREN WATCH OH GOD. Tomato Jr. was deeply saddened by the loss of both his parents. “Curse you Mr. Ladle! I VOW to have my revenge!”He brought a bouquet to the site of the soup. “They did this to you.” He mumbled. “There will be hell to pay. This earth will be scorched before me and no living being will be able to tell present day from hell itself.”

In came Mr. Pepperoni. Mr. Pepperoni saw the scene before him and was ENRAGED. He could not believe this could happen in this realm. Onlookers watched in disbelief as Mr. Pepperoni and Tomato Jr. started chanting in a language long forgotten. Mr. Pepperoni’s limbs started contorting in unnatural ways and fear overcame the hearts of all.

Even one of the god of yore, COW, showed her displeasure with a torrent of raining MILK upon the land.
Once upon a time, there was a happy little snail. The snail crawled over to the bank and demanded money. A blueberry muffin showed up to stop him, decrying this act of crime. The blueberry muffin’s weapon of choice to defend the bank: was a large and tough piece of wood laying on the ground beside him. It was a match made in heaven, sat underneath the stars. They fought and fought until they could no longer stand, and the two fell to the ground, spent and looking forward to their next fight. However, disaster struck, when the volcano that was nearby for some reason erupted, spewing ash and lava all over, threatening to melt the two. The snail was prepared, however. With the help of his spikey shell, he could withstand any sort of lava rain thrown at him by the volcano. But then came in Jesus Christ to save the day! Jesus summoned all of the dead people to block the lava and debris from falling onto the two combatants. The ghost Jesus summoned used a comically large spoon to catch all of the lava, flinging it back into the volcano. “No, bad volcano! Mind your manners!” Jesus said. As it turns out, the only thing that would stop the lava would be the magical ketchup bottle. The ketchup mixed with the lava, creating deadly fumes that killed them all.