3DI Group IEEE VR 2023 Contributions

April 19, 2023

The 3DI group would like to recognize its members who participated in IEEE VR 2023. 

Towards an Understanding of Distributed Asymmetric Collaborative Visualization on Problem-Solving

Wai Tong, Meng Xia, Kam Kwai Wong, Doug A. Bowman, Ting-Chuen Pong, Huamin Qu, Yalong Yang

A Communication-Focused Framework for Understanding Immersive Collaboration Experiences

Jerald Thomas, Sang Won Lee, Alexander Giovannelli, Logan Lane, Doug Bowman

CLUE HOG: An Immersive Competitive Lock-Unlock Experience using Hook On Go-Go Technique for Authentication in the Metaverse

Alexander Giovannelli, Francielly Rodrigues, Shakiba Davari, Ibrahim A. Tahmid, Logan Lane, Cherelle Connor, Kylie Davidson, Gabriella N. Ramirez, Brendan David-John, Doug A. Bowman

Demystifying Academic Paper Reviews: How to Construct Quality Reviews for Peer-Reviewed Publications

Jerald Thomas, Evan Suma Rosenberg, Tabitha Peck

Congratulations to all who participated in IEEE VR 2023!