For Prospective Students

The 3D Interaction Group includes Virginia Tech students at all levels, and all are welcome to express interest and to learn about 3DI Group research. Nevertheless, not all interested students can be admitted, participate in research, become an advisee of Dr. Bowman, or obtain funding. This page gives some helpful information about how to express interest in the group, and what interested students can expect.

For prospective graduate students not currently at Virginia Tech: You are welcome to apply to the M.S. or Ph.D. program in Computer Science  Feel free also to send email to Dr. Bowman expressing your interest; please include your CV. Dr. Bowman may not respond to all emails, but he may ask promising students to participate in an online interview. Note that most years, no more than one or two students are actively recruited into the group. Students with research experience, peer-reviewed publications, relevant work experience, and clear statements of research interest are most likely to be accepted. Please do not send follow-up emails asking about the status of your application.

For current graduate students at Virginia Tech: If you are interested in joining the 3DI Group and/or becoming Dr. Bowman’s advisee, the best approach is to join the weekly 3DI Group meeting (currently on Wednesdays at 11:00 am in Gilbert Place 3211) and to take Dr. Bowman’s graduate course in Virtual Environments or Immersive Experiences. In this way, you can learn more about the research, meet current students, and gain experience on a small research project of your own, after which it’s more likely that you can become a full group member. If you are simply seeking funding for graduate school, do not apply; all available funded positions are filled by current students.

For current undergraduate students at Virginia Tech: If you are interested in getting involved in 3DI Group research, the best approach is to join the weekly 3DI Group meeting (currently on Wednesdays at 11:00 am in Gilbert Place 3211) and/or to take Dr. Bowman’s undergraduate courses such as the HCI Capstone. Students who participate actively are often offered the opportunity to help with a current project, to join a research team, or to lead an undergraduate research project for credit. Paid undergraduate wage positions are less common, and will be given to students already active in the group.