SUI 2019 Publication – Point Marking Precision

September 11, 2019

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate Leonardo Soares for publishing his work on Situated Modeling of Large Structures at SUI 2019 . His publication is entitled “Evaluating the Impact of Point Marking Precision on Situated Modeling Performance,” and was overseen by Dr. Douglas Bowman and Dr. Marcio Sarroglia Pinho.

Three-dimensional modeling in augmented reality allows the user to create or modify the geometry of virtual content registered to the real world. One way of correctly placing the model is by creating points over real-world features and designing the model derived from those points. He investigated the impact of using point marking techniques with different levels of precision on the performance of situated modeling, considering accuracy, and ease of use. Results from a formal user study indicate that high-precision point marking techniques are needed to ensure the accuracy of the model, while ease of use is affected primarily by perceptual issues. In domains where correctness of the model is critical for user understanding and judgment, higher precision is needed to ensure the usefulness of the application.

Leonardo Soares will present this work in New Orleans, USA at SUI 2019 (October 19-20, 2019).