IOT & CSCW – Setor

This paper discusses the increase between interconnectivity with IOT objects and the interaction within these spaces. The analyze this by using CSCW concepts such as coordination mechanism, differences across contexts, common information spaces, and awareness.

This paper address how using these concepts can impact how IOT technologies are designed in the future. The authors also understand that within using these concepts to create a model or framework there are ethnical and political questions that needed to be addressed to future push the boundaries in the future.

I found this paper very interesting as it touched on the future of CSCW and the Internet of Things merging together. I found It very informative as it gave a sense of direction to how these two worlds will be merged. It drew parallels between the key concepts within both spectrums but  I am very understanding how the authors will address the ethnical and political issues that will arise within trying to merge both these worlds. Issues such as security and privacy will be very problematic as we have already seen issues with this. As technologies begin to collect information on people and how they behave I wonder if using CSCSW can serve as a way to counteract some of the ramifications that come with that? Honestly I don’t know but I am very interested to learn more!

“Awareness is a smart object’s ability to understand (that is, sense, interpret, and react to) events and human activities occurring in the physical world’ “

What could possibly ever go wrong with this?