Taxonomy of AR Interface Design Dimensions

To devise an intelligent AR interface, it is imperative to understand the potential outcomes of such intelligent systems, specifically the scope of possible adaptations within the AR environment. We categorize these adaptations into two primary components: Input Adaptations and Output Adaptations. 

Input Adaptations

Input adaptations encompass the adjustments made to the input modality and the design elements of interaction techniques. Currently, we are researching diverse input modalities within the realm of AR and are in the process of formulating a guideline for the assessment and comparison of these input modalities across different contextual scenarios. 

Output Adaptations

Output adaptations pertain to adjustments of the desired virtual content, and ensuring it is presented optimally in terms of timing, placement, and visual attributes. We put forth a taxonomy that outlines the design dimensions of an AR interface, focusing on both the content it showcases and its presentation. 

This work is in preparation for publication.