Glanceable AR: Scalable Content Transition During Spatial Movements

In commercial AR systems, virtual applications default to be world-fixed and persist at a fixed location unless being moved by the users. However, users are frequently in transition from spaces to spaces to check information or accomplish tasks. The world-fixed nature of current AR interfaces do not allow the users to access the same piece of information they placed at the previous location. In this project, we explore scalable ways of moving AR content with the users when they conduct temporary transition across multiple locations. Specifically, we are interested in (1) researching and modeling user behaviors when there are different number of virtual app following the users to the transition destination; (2) evaluate the user experiences of three interface solutions: None – in which the users always have to manually open the app through the menu when they arrive at a new place (baseline); Some – in which the system will automatically bring some relevant apps with the users to the destination; and All – in which the system brings all apps to the destination no matter needed or not. We evaluated the three interfaces under different context when a various level of workload and attention is required for the primary task in the real-world.

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