Clean the Ocean: An Immersive VR Experience Proposing New Modifications to Go-Go and WiM Techniques

It’s the year 2048 and the world’s negligence to plastic pollutants in the ocean has given rise to deep-sea creatures growing to abnormal sizes, threatening the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. It is your mission to save the world’s oceans!

In this project, we present our solution to the 2022 3DUI Contest challenge. We aim to provide an immersive VR experience to increase players’ awareness of trash pollution in the ocean while improving the current interaction techniques in virtual environments. To achieve these objectives, we adapted two classic interaction techniques, Go-Go and World in Miniature (WiM), to provide an engaging minigame in which the user collects the trash in the ocean. To improve the precision and address occlusion issues in the traditional Go-Go technique we propose ReX Go-Go. We also propose an adaptation to WiM, referred to as Rabbit-Out-of-the-Hat to allow an exocentric interaction for easier object retrieval interaction.

Our two proposed techniques in action: ReX Go-Go (a-c), and Rabbit-Out-of-the-Hat (d-f)
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