3DI Group Publications at ISMAR 2021

September 29, 2021

The 3DUI group has a few upcoming talks and publications at ISMAR 2021. The conference this year will be conducted online, from October 4 to 8. Here are the contributions:

Doug Bowman will give a keynote presentation entitled User Experience Considerations for Everyday Augmented Reality. This talk will feature many of the projects being currently investigated in the lab. The presentation will happen on October 7th, at 8 AM EST.

Nicolas Gutkowski, Paul Quigley, Todd Ogle, David Hicks, Jessica Taylor, Thomas Tucker, Doug Bowman have a paper entitled Designing Historical Tours for Head-Worn AR on the Mixed Reality Implications on Cultural Heritage Experience (MrICHE) workshop. The presentation will happen on October 4, at 7 AM EST.

Leonardo Pavanatto has a Doctoral Consortium paper entitled Designing Augmented Reality Virtual Displays for Productivity Work based on his work on the virtual displays project. The presentation will be done closed doors, during the DC on October 4th, all day.

Congratulations to the authors, and hope we all have a great conference!