Newest Alumnus: Nicolas Gutkowski, MS

May 13, 2021

The 3DI Group happily congratulates Nicolas Gutkowski for completing his MS thesis defense on May 10th, 2021. His work, entitled “Designing Cultural Heritage Experiences for Head-Worn Augmented Reality,” concentrated on using immersive technology for exhibiting on-site historical experiences. This work was born of his work on the Solitude AR Tour.


History education is important, as it provides context for current events today. Cultural heritage sites, such as historic buildings, ruins, or archaeological digs can provide a glimpse into the past. The use of different technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, to teach history has expanded. Augmented reality (AR) in particular can be used to enhance real artifacts and places to allow for deeper understanding. However, the experiences born out of these efforts primarily aim to enhance museum visits and are presented as handheld experiences on smartphones or tablets. The use of head-worn augmented reality for on-site history education is a gap. There is a need to examine how on-site historical experiences should be designed for AR headsets. This work aims to explore best practices of creating such experiences through a case study on the Solitude AR Tour. Additionally comparisons between designing for head-worn AR and handheld AR are presented.

We wish Nick a bright future!