IEEE VR Awards!

April 8, 2021

The 3DUI group got some awards at IEEE VR 2021!

Congratulations to Lei Zhang, Feiyu Lu, Ibrahim Tahmid, Shakiba Davari, Lee Lisle, Nicolas Gutkowski, Luke Schlueter, and Doug Bowman for winning the IEEE VR 2021 3DUI contest! The team presented their work on Fantastic Voyage 2021: Using Interactive VR Storytelling to Explain Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery to Antigen-presenting Cells. This experience had the objective of teaching people how vaccine delivery works as you navigate the bloodstream on a nanobot fighting viruses cells. More information can be seen on the project page.

Congratulations to Lee Lisle, Kylie Davidson, Chris North, Doug Bowman, and Edward Gitre for a Best Paper Nomination! Their work Sensemaking Strategies with Immersive Space to Think was among the top-ranked papers in the conference, and investigated the use of immersive environments for sense-making of unstructured multimedia content. More information can be seen on the project page.

And, of course, congratulations to everyone on their sucessful presentations!