Glanceable AR: Information Access Methods for Head-Worn AR Displays

Augmented reality head-worn displays (AR HWDs) have the potential to assist personal computing and the acquisition of everyday information. We propose Glanceable AR, an interaction paradigm for accessing information in AR HWDs. In Glanceable AR, secondary information resides at the periphery of vision to stay unobtrusive and can be accessed by a quick glance whenever needed. We propose two novel hands-free interfaces: “head-glance”, in which virtual contents are fixed to the user’s body and can be accessed by head rotation, and “gaze-summon” in which contents can be “summoned” into central vision by eye-tracked gazing at the periphery. We compared these techniques with a baseline heads-up display (HUD), which we call “eye-glance” interface in two dual-task scenarios.


Feiyu Lu; Shakiba Davari; Lee Lisle; Yuan Li; Doug A Bowman

Glanceable AR: Evaluating Information Access Methods for Head-Worn Augmented Reality Conference

2020 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), IEEE 2020.

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