Body gesture gaming with collaborative navigation

In this project we built an interface that allows two remotely located individuals to collaborate, in order to play and complete a treasure hunt game. We decided to use a fun interface where one of the players (i.e., the controller) was using body gestures to guide the second player (i.e., the navigator) in a 3D Virtual Environment.

We have used the Kinect for body and hand gesture recognition, and the Wii Remote and nunchuck for free navigation in the virtual world. The navigator was unaware that she was guided from a human; instead he was informed that he was receiving assistance from an intelligent guidance navigation system. We have run a small study with 4 couple of participants to evaluate our system in regards to enjoyment, usefulness, as well as the believability of the controller as an “intelligent system”. This project was submitted for the Contest of the 3DUI Symposium 2012.


Panagiotis Apostolellis; Bireswar Laha; Doug A Bowman

A gaming interface using body gestures for collaborative navigation Proceeding

IEEE, Costa Mesa, CA, USA, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4673-1204-2.

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