The 3D Interaction Group will partner with TORC Robotics and TU Darmstadt to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge¬†as “Team ViGIR.” The challenge involves developing a semi-autonomous humanoid robotic system to perform tasks in a simulated disaster scenario. Of particular interest is the interaction and collaboration between the human operator and the robot. The 3DI Group, led by director Doug Bowman and Ph.D. student Felipe Bacim, will be in charge of designing the operator control station and its user interface. The team has been funded by DARPA under track B and will participate in a virtual challenge in summer 2013. More information is on the TORC website.

Journal Articles

Stefan Kohlbrecher; Alberto Romay; Alexander Stumpf; Anant Gupta; Oskar von Stryk; Felipe Bacim; Doug A Bowman; Alex Goins; Ravi Balasubramanian; David C Conner

Human-robot Teaming for Rescue Missions: Team~ViGIRtextquoterights Approach to the 2013 DARPA~Robotics~Challenge~Trials Journal Article

Journal of Field Robotics, pp. 26 pages, 2014.

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